How to Determine If You Need Towing Or Roadside Assistance

If you find yourself stuck along the side of a road due to a car accident, flat tire, or overheating, it can be difficult to think clearly and make the best decisions. Green Towing San Diego is here to offer some clear and basic steps you can take on your own to ensure that you’ll be on the right road to recovery. Remember to breathe. Towing and roadside assistance are not always necessary, so before jumping to the phone, take a moment to pause and the follow these four main steps: 1) Assess the situation and damage2) Roadside Assistance Evaluation3) Towing Services Evaluation, and 4) Preventative Measures for the Future.

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  1. Access the situation and damage: If you were involved in a slight fender-bender, chances are you can still drive your vehicle safely to the auto dealership, mechanic garage, or body shop for further assistance. If you have a flat tire and know how to change the tire yourself, that’s a good way to save money and time. Remember to always be safe. A flat tire fix can be dangerous if you are not entirely pulled over off the road or highway. Also, if you don’t have all the necessary tools (e.g., spare tire, tire jack, and the tire-iron), you won’t be able to successfully perform a flat tire fix. If you find smoke coming from the hood of your vehicle, you certainly need to pull over and give the vehicle time to cool off. Rule of thumb: If you can’t drive your car safely, you need to call a towing company to transfer the car to a dealership, mechanic garage, or body shop.
  2. Chicago Heights Towing is the best towing company in all of Chicagoland. We provide reliable, affordable towing services for drivers who need a tow truck for any reason. From flat tires to car accidents, our tow truck operators are here to help you get your vehicle back on the road as quickly and easily as possible. Contact us today for a free quote!
  3. Do I need Roadside Assistance? After assessing the situation, you may come to the conclusion that you simply need roadside assistance. Less serious problems such as needing a flat tire fix, jump start, or refueling can be dealt with without calling the services of a towing company. You can reach out to nearby friends and family members who can help you with the jump start or more. If you prefer seeking the help of a professional, first check to see if you have roadside assistance covered under your car warranty or car insurance or auto club membership. Otherwise, you will need to be ready to pay for a towing company who can provide 24 hour roadside assistance.
  4. Do I need Towing Services? Sometimes the damage may unfortunately be too severe for you to handle on your own. It may even be too sever for on-the-spot roadside assistance. There are few options: First, it is always recommended to call an auto club if you are a member. Secondly, you can call your auto dealership and see if they work with any towing companies that could give you a discount on towing the vehicle to their dealership. Another option is to call your mechanic garage and see if they work with a certain towing company. Depending on where you want to take your car, it’s a good idea to check with these destinations to save money. Also, you may want to call some local towing companies. Be sure to ask how long their response time is and their total costs (including any additional “hidden” fees).
  5. How Can I Minimize Anxieties for the Future? There are some precautions you can take on your own to avoid high costs and unnecessary stress in the future. First, consider practicing how to change a tire on your time so you can confidently change a flat tire in a real-life situation. Next, you may want to research reliable and affordable towing companies when you have time. Once you feel comfortable with 1-3 towing companies, you can save their number in your phone or keep their numbers in your glove compartment for safe keeping.

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